Umbrella Research LLC
Umbrella Research LLC 

Umbrella Research was created to fill a growing information vacuum in the equity universe as diminishing investment banking prospects has resulted in the underinvestment of traditional sell side research support for small cap and emerging growth companies. The result has been a growing universe of underfollowed or orphaned companies for which investor exposure and education is essentially non-existent. Our efforts focus exclusively on lesser known companies where our research, whitepapers and investor outreach can create greater incremental value to both our subject companies and investors. While the universe of orphaned companies is large; our resources will remain focused on a limited number of companies to ensure quality and depth of coverage.

All of our publishing analysts have significant sector focused experience in traditional sell side models. The research is designed to educate and inform investors with an emphasis on factual data and tangible performance metrics. Our distribution targets a broad spectrum of both retail and institutional investors as well as public and private industry comparables and our analysts are available to address investor inquiries. The research will be available to investors through our proprietary distribution list as well as on our website and through the leading aggregators for those with entitlement.

Is Contracted Research Objective and Informative?

Research is a cost center for any institution, traditionally sell side firms attempt to monetize this investment either through corporate finance or trading revenues; creating a potential conflict of interest, in the form of either ingratiating a firm with company management or to induce short term oriented trading volumes. Our model is more transparent than this; we disclose compensation, either direct from companies, investors or other institutions. Our reputation and our success as a business is based on our ability to identify quality companies and to communicate their values objectively with investors.

Umbrella Research & Advisory Overview 

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